Redefined by luxury and simple structural design serving the best to our regional, international and local clients, Promenade Hotel and Plaza located in the heart of Metn district, Zalka, offers a comforting and pleasant hotel experience for business cooperates and tourists.

The hotel was built according to 4-star international standards and attained a highly regarded reputation of the highest rating in the “4 stars” category and “A” classification for its exceedingly professional hotel and management services.

Promenade Hotel and Plaza with its 21 stories encloses a varieties of accommodating services and facilities such as a shopping complex, access to the well renowned Lebanese Bank Audi

to hairdressing Salons and beauty parlors along with its strategic location open to the shopping Zalka market and Beirut’s highway which is a 30 minute distance from the Rafik Hariri International airport.

Our professional staff will be at your best service and ready 24/7 from the moment you check-in to the day you check-out.